The wireless network smart door lock (scan code type-I310) is based on Sub-1GHz wireless communication technology and uses Newcapec's independently developed Sub-1GHz protocol stack. It has outstanding advantages in network real-time performance and stability. The product supports wireless networking and features functions such as remote list distribution, automatic record uploading, and remote door opening, making it convenient for customer operation and maintenance. Based on smart operating systems and Internet of Things communication, it adopts the application of "management platform + mobile app + smart lock," connecting previously independent and unrelated devices and personnel into a digital integrated network, achieving centralized authentication, flexible authorization, statistical analysis, problem traceability, and unified management of people, events, and things. It realizes the "centralized management + refined management" of dispersed and clustered housing assets, helping you achieve intelligent and efficient management.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Shell material
    High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Lock body structure
    6068 standard lock body, made of 304 stainless steel material.
  • Door installation type
    Suitable for wooden doors, iron doors, and anti-theft doors.
  • Lock body dimensions
  • Record capacity
    Supports 200 door opening records.
  • User capacity
    Supports 400 cards or codes, 50 fingerprint registrations.
  • Scanning
    Uses a dedicated CMOS with a resolution of 640*480 or above for QR code scanning. It supports fast scanning of QR codes with more than 100 bytes and supports Alipay industry codes.
  • Power-off protection
    Data protection for up to 10 years after power loss.
  • Power supply
    Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries (recommended Nanfu high-energy alkaline batteries) with a battery life of 8 to 12 months on average.
  • Operating Environment
    Temperature range: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, relative humidity RH=20%-80%.
  • Communication Methods
    SUB-1G (requires dedicated base station for the door lock), optional NBIOT (no need for a base station).
  • Card reading distance