Cloud+intelligent solutions
The Newcapec Smart Campus System is founded on the twin principles of business and data. We create a platform with shared and open capabilities to facilitate full life cycle management of abilities, services, and data. Utilizing a hybrid cloud service model accessible across multiple devices, we encompass all aspects of management, daily life, teaching, scientific research, and social services, ensuring that teachers and students can access resources and services anytime and anywhere. With a focus on thematic construction, scene-based deployment, evaluation-driven development, and a path towards sustainable growth, we progressively develop a comprehensive business application landscape, to simplify the construction of smart campuses. Newcapec closely follows industry technological trends, delving into customer pain points and real needs, to create a self-developed software + hardware product system. We provide a comprehensive smart campus solution based on "Dual-Core + One-Card". We offer a "One-Card" solution based on IoT platforms that supports payment scenarios using cards, QR codes, and facial recognition. We provide independent solutions and integrated solutions for specialized businesses such as academic affairs, student management, finance, teaching management, and VR experiments and training. Additionally, we offer cloud-based solutions for campus cloud orientation, cloud payment, cloud recruitment, and cloud employment. Our goal is to support the comprehensive development of campuses in terms of informatization, resource digitization, data operation, and intelligent business from multiple dimensions and levels.
Smart Campus
Smart government and enterprise
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