Electronic campus card of palm bank

Personalized bank products cover high-frequency and demanding business scenarios such as recharge, payment, and consumption, and the payment ability is independent of the scene business, meeting the school management requirements, teachers' and students' consumption habits, and bank investment income. Through payment incentives and other marketing means, stimulate the bank end activity, cultivate users' use habits on the bank end, quickly build an ecology based on financial services, activate traffic, master data, and retain customers.

  • Support multi-channel integration
    Support multi-channel integration
    Through simple development, it can be quickly integrated into APPs of third-party, mini-programs, official accounts and other channels.
  • Support different discount rates
    Support different discount rates
    Support different types of students; different payment discount rates can be set between students and staff.
  • Identification of identity
    Identification of identity
    The two-dimensional barcodes add identity information, which can meet various characteristics of the scene according to identity identification and background services, for example, the price can be distinguished for the consumption of personnel inside and outside the school, so that teachers and students can enjoy discounts.
  • More convenient recharge
    More convenient recharge
    Support online recharge for yourself and others, access to the bank's e-wallet, and directly deduct the balance of the bound bank card when the wallet balance is insufficient, which is more convenient for students' use.
  • Aggregate payment
    Aggregate payment
    Connect to the bank aggregate payment interface, support WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay and other aggregate payment methods, it can support the payment limit, students can determine the two-dimensional barcode payment limit according to their needs to ensure account security.
  • Digital currency
    Digital currency
    Integrate the payment ability of digital RMB, quickly cover customers and users with high-frequency and demanding payment scenarios, and provide all-purpose card applications based on digital RMB to help the fast landing of digital RMB.
solution architecture
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