Understanding Newcapec
Newcapec Electronic Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300248) was established in 2000. It is a solution and service provider focusing on campus, government-enterprise software applications, and intelligent terminals. With excellent ICT services, Newcapec is dedicated to building smart campuses and empowering smart enterprises. Currently, Newcapec has over 2,000 employees and its business covers the whole country, serving thousands of universities, millions of college students, and tens of thousands of enterprises.
Our Culture
Newcapec is committed to providing excellent ICT services, building smart campuses, and empowering smart enterprises and serves as a trusted provider of intelligent services.
  • Customer-centered
  • Striver-based
  • Innovation and Openness
  • Co-creation and Sharing
  • Criticism and Self-criticism
  • Integrity and Friendliness