Digital business district package solution

The Perfect Digital technology team conducted in-depth research on campus new retailing business, based on years of experience in campus informatization construction, with Android platform devices as the basis for applications, and by relying on mobile H5 light applications, integration payment platform and other technologies, providing development of front-end applications, mid-end system management platform and back-end data reporting system.

The Perfect Ordering Platform provides delivery operation services for ordering and take-out scenarios in canteens, restaurants and on-campus merchants, connecting users, merchants and delivery personnel, so as to provide convenient and fast dining experience on campus for teachers and students.

  • Dish informatization management
    Dish informatization management
    Professional maintenance such as the procurement and inventory of ingredients, maintenance of menu information; collecting information such as sales of dishes and evaluation of teachers and students
  • Ordering service on mobile phone terminals
    Ordering service on mobile phone terminals
    Providing mobile online ordering services for teachers and students, supporting Perfect Campus APP and WeChat (Alipay) ordering to avoid queuing and crowding situations
  • Controllable catering types
    Controllable catering types
    Management personnel could manage the dishes sold in the restaurants based on the background menu information , so as to eradicate “Dark Cuisine" phenomena on campus
  • Food safety supervision
    Food safety supervision
    Based on the dining data of teachers and students, the question dishes could be traced and monitored, making it easier for management personnel to conduct corresponding problem investigation
  • Improvement of service quality
    Improvement of service quality
    Providing convenient and friendly ordering tools and feedback channels for teachers and students in order to conduct evaluation of service staff, dish taste and other aspects for service quality improvement
  • All kinds of application scenarios
    All kinds of application scenarios
    A variety of application modes such as online ordering, self-pickup, and delivery, meeting the needs of various catering applications
solution architecture

Logistics PC terminal

Designed for school logistics management personnel, mainly for data preparation and supervision.

Merchant PC terminal

Designed for canteen merchant managers, mainly for setting recipes and online stores.

User mobile terminal

Designed for ordering users to order food based on the background menu information.

Merchant mobile terminal

Designed for merchant managers or servers to manage recipes, take and verify meal orders.

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