Smart enterprise all-purpose card

Newcapec's smart enterprise all-purpose card takes digital smart enterprise as the construction goal, takes park security, personnel management, logistics services, energy consumption monitoring and analysis, office information, personnel production efficiency analysis and other application scenarios as the entrance, to provide enterprises with a full range of intelligent and digital operation and assurance services. The system is based on the overall design idea of "data dynamics, scene systematization, business logic algorithm, service delivery" and the service concept of intellectualization and integration. Through a variety of intelligent applications, it creates an enterprise operation and guarantee system with process scenarios and data analysis as the core, effectively realizes three-dimensional security, efficient office, intelligent life, green and energy-saving enterprise management, and helps enterprise operation become more efficient.

  • Full-scene face recognition
    Full-scene face recognition
    The full-scene coverage and multi-form integration can comprehensively enhance the brand image of the enterprise and user experience, and ensure the safety of personnel, goods and information.
  • Deep integration of multiple businesses
    Deep integration of multiple businesses
    The smart all-purpose card platform is deeply integrated with the enterprise's ERP, HR, OA and other management systems to achieve automated and intellectualization business and data linkage, optimize business processes, and improve business efficiency.
  • Whole-process self-service
    Whole-process self-service
    Create a whole-process self-service for companies from three-dimensional security to efficient office, to intelligent logistics, to achieve efficient management and operation of enterprises.
  • Cross-park interconnection
    Cross-park interconnection
    Build a unified platform for national interconnection and simplify the cross-park management process. Reduce the operation and maintenance pressure and operation costs through the unified and intellectualization operation and operation and maintenance services for various businesses of headquarters.
  • Mobile convenient service
    Mobile convenient service
    Mobile full-scene application functions, help enterprise informatization, improve efficiency, optimize the experience, to create an integrated handheld enterprise.
  • Visual operation guarantee
    Visual operation guarantee
    Realize enterprise security visualization, all-purpose card scene data modeling visualization, real-time display of production and operation and information technology processes and data, to create a visual operation and protection platform.
solution architecture
Based on the Internet of Things platform, NewCapec Smart Park solution empowers the basic business platform and enterprise information system through integration and fusion tools, builds general and industry-specific applications, and digitally models and reconfigures the park's objects such as people, vehicles, finances, materials, resources, processes, etc., to realize the transformation from a traditional all-purpose card system to a smart park of Internet of everything.
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