The LoRa IoT Diaphragm Gas Meter collects gas meter data through LoRa spread spectrum communication technology and uploads it to the backend data center via mobile wireless networks (mobile, Unicom, telecom), enabling real-time reporting of meter anomalies, remote control, and usage monitoring. Combined with revenue management system, it can achieve remote meter reading, valve control, tiered gas price settlement, online monitoring and data analysis, providing reliable operational data support and comprehensive user service guarantee for gas companies.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Measurement accuracy
    Grade 1.5
  • Operating pressure(kPa)
  • Operating ambient temperature(℃)
  • Protection level
  • Data storage period(years)
  • Rated voltage(V)
    6 (Dry battery 1.5V*4)/3.6(Lithium battery)
  • Battery life (years)
    ≥1(Dry battery 1.5V*4)/≥10 (Lithium battery)
  • Communication method