K12 smart campus integrated comprehensive solution

Improve the basic information environment of primary and secondary schools, focus on building a multi-scenario application system based on the integrated comprehensive management service platform of primary and secondary smart campuses, integrate the management of campus consumption, access security, energy management and control, student growth and development, education and teaching and other related applications to truly realize the integration and interaction of data and create an information-based ecological environment for school education.

The NewCapec K12 smart campus integrated comprehensive management platform based on the development requirements of smart campuses for primary and secondary schools, provides overall planning to facilitate step-by-step implementation by schools according to their needs. Besides, an open third-party interface is established to support openness and expansion. Build multiple scenarios based on the product concept of "product + scenario". Based on the smart campus open platform, through the deep integration of various business systems, a smart campus ecosystem belonging to the school is established, reflecting the core value of the integrated construction of smart campuses.

  • Satisfy the needs of different schools
    Satisfy the needs of different schools
    Personalized customized services to create a platform that caters to different schools.
  • Provide diverse services
    Provide diverse services
    Multi-scenario linkage, multi-identity authentication, multi-terminal utilization, and multi-system integration.
  • Turn on intelligent linkage
    Turn on intelligent linkage
    Create a full-scene process for student management and intellectualization linkage.
solution architecture
The NewCapec carries out the construction of smart campus informatization for the Ministry of Education, Education Group and K12 School, and builds an integrated management platform around campus life service and integrated management service. Based on the concept of "Internet + education", the smart campus service platform is designed for the roles of administrators, teachers, students and parents, providing full-dimensional services and multi-service linkages covering canteens, dormitories, campus access, educational administration, energy management and control, home-school co-education and other scenarios.
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