The NB-IoT/4G IoT diaphragm gas meter employs NB-IoT, 4G, and other IoT communication technologies, combined with gas metering, electronic technology, low power consumption, data storage, and mobile payment technologies. It enables gas companies to measure, collect, wirelessly transmit, store, analyze gas usage information from gas users, and remotely monitor, recharge, price in tiers, and upgrade gas meters. It provides gas companies with safe, reliable, advanced hardware and software products, as well as comprehensive service support, improving management efficiency, saving operating costs, and enhancing informationization levels for gas companies.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Measurement accuracy
    Grade 1.5
  • Operating pressure(kPa)
  • Protection level
  • Operating ambient temperature(℃)
  • Communication method
  • Rated voltage(V)
    6 (Dry battery 1.5V*4)/3.6(Lithium battery)
  • Data storage period(years)
  • Battery life (years)
    ≥1(Dry battery 1.5V*4)/≥10 (Lithium battery)