Intelligent Agriculture

Intelligent Agriculture is the deep integration of modern information technology such as Internet, Internet of Things, 5S, audio and video, big data, cloud computing and agriculture to realize three-dimensional sensing of the sky, air and earth through Internet of Things equipment, remote sensing images, etc., combined with the management of water, fertilizer, human beings, things, and objects and the intelligent early warning, smart linkage rules engine, to create a set of practical, feasible, intelligent and efficient agricultural production tools with a certain degree of foresight and high degree of technology, and to help to plan the medium and large-scale agribusinesses, agricultural demonstration areas, agricultural cooperatives for planting and individuals to realize precise management, systematic operation and intelligent decision-making.

  • Improve efficiency
    Improve efficiency
    Farmers set up irrigation and fertilization plans, through the integration of water, fertilizer, pesticide and control systems, to achieve unattended automated irrigation, which can improve irrigation and fertilization efficiency and agricultural production efficiency
  • Improve quality
    Improve quality
    Scientific fertilization can be achieved through precise control of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, reducing the pollution of fertilizers and pesticides to the environment, improving soil, and improving the quality of crops
  • Increase production
    Increase production
    By adjusting various environmental factors such as lighting, temperature and humidity, CO2, water, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals, crops can achieve higher quality and yield in the most suitable production environment
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