The IC card diaphragm gas meter consists of an IC card, diaphragm gas meter, built-in valve, and intelligent controller. It is an integrated intelligent gas metering instrument for automatic gas billing. The user pays in advance before gas usage, effectively addressing challenges such as difficult meter reading, fee collection, and gas control. This allows for early collection of gas fees, reducing employee workload, lowering operational costs, and improving capital utilization. It is an ideal metering instrument for modern gas management.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Measurement accuracy
    Grade 1.5
  • Operating pressure(kPa)
  • Operating ambient temperature(℃)
  • Rated voltage(V)
    6 (Dry battery 1.5V*4)/3.6(Lithium battery)
  • Data storage period(years)
  • Protection level
  • Battery life (years)
    ≥1(Dry battery 1.5V*4)/≥10 (Lithium battery)
  • IC card read and write times (times)
    > 0.1 million