The electronic class board is an information window for school smart campus construction in the process of education informatization. It represents an exploration and integration of school moral education and campus culture construction. The electronic class board primarily focuses on class information dissemination and cultural development. It is also an important facility for information technology environment, smart classrooms, and smart campus construction, with practical significance in improving student management capabilities, inquiry abilities, and information literacy.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Storage Capacity
    2GB RAM+16GB ROM
  • Display
    Main Screen: 21.5-inch 1080P.
  • Wireless Communication
    Optional: 4G, Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, backward compatible.
  • Face Camera
    Dual Infrared Cameras
  • Contactless Card Reader
    Supports M1 and CPU contactless cards
  • Power Consumption
  • Operating Temperature
  • Product Dimensions
    523*339*30 (mm*mm*mm)