Campus All-purpose Card Service for Secondary Vocational Education

The construction of campus all-purpose card for secondary vocational education mainly manages teaching, personnel, finance, logistics, dormitory, attendance, access, access control and campus consumption, to fully save management resources and realize the integration and sharing of information and data. Through the common identity authentication mechanism, all parts of campus intellectualization construction are organically integrated into a whole, avoiding that each department is fighting for its own sake and settling accounts independently, resulting in multiple cards for one person, which brings great inconvenience to teachers and students. Besides, according to customer needs, local and SAAS deployment modes are adopted to solve the limitations of school-scale construction funds and personnel management. The completion of the campus card, the maturity of the two-dimensional barcodes, the application of face recognition, the gradual intellectualization of various core application technologies, and the gradual increase of cooperation between banks and schools have created mature conditions for the development of the campus all-purpose card system. Repeated investment is avoided to improve the efficiency of information construction and integrate information resources more effectively.

  • Settlement of multi-department
    Settlement of multi-department
    The all-purpose card platform mainly solves the problems of data confusion and long accounting periods caused by logistics department, finance department, student department and other departments in the process of account settlement, and serves all the roles of the school well.
  • Automatic verification of personnel
    Automatic verification of personnel
    When the business operations such as loss reporting, cancellation and card replacement are carried out by the business card printing center, the personnel information will be automatically synchronized to the identity identification system to perform corresponding authorization and prohibition operations, so that all related functions can be linked by one operation and real intelligence can be realized.
  • Enjoy first and pay later
    Enjoy first and pay later
    In the process of consumption, if the user finds that the card balance is insufficient for this consumption and cannot meet the recharge conditions, the user can use credit consumption based on the principle of people-oriented and food-oriented, and Alipay will make advance payment for consumption, and then Alipay will make a settlement with the user.
  • Direct consumption
    Direct consumption
    In order to expand their available fund pool, banks do not check the consumers, but directly deduct the balance from the bank card to form a consumption record, realizing multiple functions of one code and one face.
  • Multi-code integration
    Multi-code integration
    Many kinds of aggregate payments such as BOC E-campus, CCB E-code, ABC four-in-one code and ICBC E-campus are expanded. Among them, the transaction flow of WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay China Unionpay Quick Pass can identify the user's campus identity. If the user is not bound to the campus identity, a user-defined management fee can be added, which fundamentally solves the management difficulties such as issuing temporary cards or printing meal tickets, and all the funds are collected into the school's corporate account.
  • Secure face recognition algorithm
    Secure face recognition algorithm
    With a built-in financial-grade security algorithm (Ant Financial), 3D structured light + natural light binocular cameras (Mario), absolute live body recognition, built-in feature database of 50,000 people, the computer can extract the "image information" of the face into "digital symbols" to represent human facial features. The algorithm extracts the facial features and returns them to the face authentication platform for management. It uses the same technology as Alipay's face-scan payment featuring safe, fast and stable. The uniqueness and irreplaceable characteristics of the face are the necessary prerequisites for identifying authentication.
solution architecture
The plan architecture adopts a three-layer design. Different products are designed for different scenarios such as restaurants, supermarkets, and computer rooms. Besides, multiple devices are integrated according to different scenarios to meet the diverse needs of customers. For the payment method API layer, it can connect with major banks across the country.
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