The virtual card split water controller (G401) is mainly used in places such as direct drinking water, centralized bathrooms, etc. Based on the perfect campus and virtual card one-card platform, it can realize card-free operation through a mobile app, and is compatible with card-holding operation. Users can use cards for online withdrawal, debt clearance, and blacklist recognition functions. Supports card consumption and virtual card consumption; supports timing and flow applications, supports solenoid valves and electric valves to meet various application needs.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Power Supply
    DC 15~24V ≥ 8W ; AC 12~24V ≥ 8VA
  • Timing accuracy
  • Upgrade Methods
    Supports Online Upgrades
  • Communication Methods
  • Valve types
    Solenoid valve, electric valve (one product supports only one type of valve)
  • Display amount
    Minimum display amount: 0.01 yuan
  • Number of keys
    Waterproof keys: 12
  • Card types
    M1, CPU, NFC