The intelligent scan code integrated water controller (H711) is mainly used in dormitory shower scenarios to achieve timing/flow-based fee management through the intelligent water controller. Water consumption and economic benefits are closely linked, with more payment for more usage and less payment for less usage, using economic leverage to regulate water usage and reduce waste. The water controller supports both card-based consumption and mobile app virtual card consumption; CAN communication uses multi-master communication methods, with a high communication rate and fast response to virtual card consumption, providing the best cardless consumption experience.
Product performance advantages
Usage scenario
Technical Parameter
  • Upgrade Methods
    Supports Online Upgrades
  • Card reading distance
  • Timing accuracy
  • Shell size
    177 mm×98 mm×112 mm
  • Display amount
    Minimum display amount: 0.01 yuan
  • Consumption modes
    Online wallet, card wallet
  • Operating mode
    Time-based/flow-based billing
  • Power Supply
    DC 15~24V ≥ 8W ; AC 12~24V ≥ 8VA