IoT smart gas solution

IoT smart gas solution consists of software and hardware products such as IoT smart gas meters (GPRS, LoRa, NB-Iot), handheld devices, concentrators, data collection platforms, and smart gas cloud service platforms. By employing GPRS, LoRa spread spectrum, NB-Iot, infrared, Bluetooth and other wireless communication technologies, combined with gas metering, electronics, database, software informatization, mobile payment and other technologies, this solution enables gas companies to measure, collect, wirelessly transmit, store and analyze gas consumption information of gas customers, as well as remotely monitor, remotely recharge, stage billing gas meters, providing gas companies with safe, reliable and advanced software and hardware products and complete service protection, enhancing gas company management efficiency, saving operating costs and improving informatization standards.

  • Complete functions
    Complete functions
    Capable of actively reporting data, remote valve control, remote recharge, and other functions; It has the advantages of real-time uploading, abnormal alarm, timely valve closing, and real-time feedback.
  • Safety and reliability
    Safety and reliability
    Communication can be encrypted with software or hardware with good information security; dynamic encryption, one-time encryption, multi-layer encryption, data verification and other security mechanisms are adopted to ensure data and communication security and reliability.
  • Flexible settlement
    Flexible settlement
    Support meter end settlement or platform settlement; support Alipay life account, WeChat official account, bank APP and other recharge payment methods.
solution architecture
The solution consists of a physical perception layer, a data transmission layer, a core business layer, and an application management layer. The entire architecture structure is clear, hierarchical, and fully functional. The physical perception layer can capture various intelligent IoT meter operation information, operation status, valve status, voltage and electricity, information strength, and other data information, and report it to the data transmission layer; The transport layer can be compatible with various communication modes such as NB-Iot, LoRa, GPRS, etc; The core business layer includes data analysis, data storage, data analysis, business processing, permission control, etc; Business processing can support multiple service business processing modes such as web, app and self-service, and support multiple business functions such as remote valve control, remote recharge, abnormal alarm, big data analysis, WeChat recharge, Alipay payment and self-service gas purchase.
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